I will recruit a PhD student and multiple master students for the next academic year (2024). Since my research interest lies at the intersection of visualization, high performance computing, and data analysis, a competent candidate:

  • must be familiar with at least one programming language (preferably C++);
  • may have experience with computer graphics or parallel computing (CUDA, MPI, or OpenMP);
  • may be knowledgeable in data analysis and artificial intelligence (e.g., deep learning).
In general, I value personal characteristics over past experience (but your past experience is the best evidence to demonstrate your characteristics). Therefore, feel free to email me about your information, even if you do not have relevant research experience. But please keep the information related to your research ability (or potential). Please check this about how to apply for the PhD program in our school and this about how your application will be evaluated. Please note that the deadlines are Dec 12 for online application and Dec 15 for all materials.